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Lars David Kellner’s debut CD includes music ranging from the romantic to the modern style. With good reason, Sergei Rachmaninoff’s virtuoso »Piano sonata B flat minor« was written in the same key and with similar pathos as Chopin’s sonata, his great musical model. Two »Preludes« and an original song transcription for piano solo (»Lilacs«) are examplary illustrations of the Russian’s compositional range. More master pieces of romantic piano music are represented by Frédérik Chopin’s »Ballads« No. 1 and 2. Marco Tajčević’s »Seven Balkan Dances« build an exhilarating conclusion to this CD recording. Those belong to the musically most valuable piano music that Slavic folklore has to offer.

Total playing time: 59:47
Recorded at Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, Steinway D

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track listing:


1 Sonata No. 2 B flat minor, Op. 36: I. Allegro agitato (09:37)

2 Sonata No. 2 B flat minor, Op. 36: II. Non allegro (07:04)

3 Sonata No. 2 B flat minor, Op. 36: III. L’istesso tempo; Allegro molto (06:14)

4 Lilacs (02:39)

5 Prelude No. 1 F sharp minor, Op. 23 (03:49)

6 Prelude No. 5 G major, Op. 32 (03:11)


7 Ballade G minor, Op. 23 (09:41)

8 Ballade F major, Op. 38 (07:12)


9 Seven Balkan Dances: I. Con moto (01:34)

10 Seven Balkan Dances: II. Rustico (01:25)

11 Seven Balkan Dances: III. Vivo (01:00)

12 Seven Balkan Dances: IV. Sostenuto e cantabile (03:05)

13 Seven Balkan Dances: V. Allegro ritmico (01:09)

14 Seven Balkan Dances: VI. Allegretto (00:44)

15 Seven Balkan Dances: VII. Allegro quasi pesante (01:12)

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